Are you up to the Core Challenge?

Are you up to the Core Challenge?

We want to shine a spotlight on the most innovative teams serving the underbanked.  You could be an app developer in a dorm-room in Beloit, WI or work for one of the largest financial technology companies on earth.  If you have built a product or service that works (or will work by June 15th) and addresses the unbanked or underbanked – that is, the American emerging market – submit it to the Core Innovators Challenge at

At stake is $10,000 but mostly, it’s notoriety.  Four finalists will be selected to present in prime-time at the only national conference focused on the underbanked, the CFSI Underbanked Financial Services Forum.  An audience of 600-700 industry executives (read partners, clients, funders, regulators, and press) will vote for the winner via SMS in real-time.  We’ll issue press releases, make a fuss, make introductions, and sing your praises.

Last year GoalMine took the big prize.  With the other finalists they ran the gamut: from tiny (Flexwage) to huge (FIS), from payments innovators (PayNearMe) to savings (GoalMine), from mobile (FIS) to the interface between cash and digital money (PayNearMe).

Check it out!  No purchase necessary!