Who is the most innovative of them all?

Who is the most innovative of them all?

For the fourth year running, our fund will sponsor the Core Innovators Challenge in June at CFSI and the American Banker’s renamed Emerge Forum (formerly the Underbanked Financial Services Forum).  Hurry, before April 14!

Once again we are seeking nominations from companies small and large for who offers the best, most creative, most consumer friendly and commercially attractive product serving the Emerging Middle Class.

Nominate your company at www.corevc.com/challenge.

Hundreds of companies have participated in the last years.  Finalists have included Fortune 500 companies and startups with nary an employee.  Like previous years, the judges at Core will select the finalists.  They will present live in front of the largest expert panel in the US, about 800 senior executives in the underbanked space.  This giant expert panel will vote to determine who is the most innovative of them all.

Yes, the winner wins $10k, but much more important is the opportunity to get center stage, prime time at the leading national conference on consumer finance innovation.  Nomination is free, takes 5 minutes, and could change your life.


Did I mention the deadline is April 14?!

Below are the winners of 2011, 2012 and 2013, respectively.  GoalMine, Juntos Finanzas, and PayPerks.